U.G. Program Outcome

 Program Outcome of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

 Student seeking admission for B.A. programme are expected to imbue with following quality which help them in their future life to achieve the expected goals. 

  1. Realization of human values.
  2. Sense of social service. 
  3. Responsible and dutiful citizen.
  4. Critical temper
  5. Creative ability.

 Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s) 


  1. Creating an interest in literature. 
  2. Availing the job opportunities in translation, transformation and media.
  3. Developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 
  4. Increasing the critical attitude about literary studies. 
  5. Imbuing the literary research attitude.


  1. Developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 
  2. Availing the job opportunities in translation. 
  3. Increasing the critical attitude about literary writing.
  4. Creating an interest in literature. 
  5. Imbuing the literary research attitude.

Program Outcomes of Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) 

Students who have taken admission to this program of B.Com are expected to concentrate upon the following outcomes.

  1. Commercial sense. 
  2. Develop managerial skills. 
  3. Entrepreneurial skill. 
  4. Budgeting policy. 
  5. Human Resources Management. 
  6. Develop Numerical ability.
  7. Well versed with business regularity framework. 

Program Specific Outcomes 


  1.  Understanding basic concepts of accountancy, principles of accountancy and accounting cycle to maintain accounts of trading & non-trading organizations. 
  2. Getting acquainted with the procedure of preparation of income statements, retained earnings, balance sheet and statement of cash flows which are required for external users and more useful to managers for managerial decision making. 
  3. Inculcating different skills for analysis and interpretation of financial data to understand financial health of an organization and ensure that resources are being used to achieve the organizations objectives. 
  4. Developing knowledge about cost ascertainment and fixation of selling price and cost control.
  5. Obtaining the knowledge of various provisions of Income Tax Act and their applications in computations of taxable income of an individual under different heads of income. 
  6. Getting working knowledge of generally accepted auditing procedure, techniques and skills.

Program Outcomes of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) 

Students taking admission to this program of B.Sc. are expected to get equipped with following outcomes: 

  1.  Explaining the basic scientific principles and methods.
  2.  Inculcating scientific thinking and awareness among the student.
  3. Ability to communicate with others in regional language and in English.
  4. Ability to handle the unexpected situation by critically analyzing the problem.
  5. Understanding the issues related to nature and environmental contexts and sustainable development.

Program Specific Outcomes 

B.Sc.- (Chemistry) 

  1. Creating interest in environmental issues.
  2. Increasing knowledge about handling of instruments. 
  3. Obtaining the knowledge about the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs.
  4. Social awareness about the quality of air, water and the surrounding. 
  5. Increasing the practical skill of the students. 
  6. Awareness about the plastic garbage.

B.Sc.- (Physics ) 

  1. Identifying and describing physical systems with their professional knowledge. 
  2. Developing their scientific intuition, ability and techniques to tackle problems either theoretical or experimental in nature. 
  3. Knowledge of general physics like sound, wave, friction, forces and laws of motion and use of mathematics. 
  4. Information of electrical current, circuits, construction and their use. 
  5. Learning about concepts of nuclear physics and nuclear energies and importance of their use for mankind. 
  6. Knowing about the light and its importance in life, its characteristics, properties and use in various instruments

Program Outcomes of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

  1. Learners will acquire the communication, research and technological skills needed to analyse a business situation and prepare reports.
  2. Learners will learn to describe, discuss and analyse current events in the Indian scenario and also understand the global, social, and ethical dimensions of events.
  3. Learners will develop critical thinking abilities, ethical principles and ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds.

Program Specific Outcomes for Bachelor of Management Studies (HR)

  1. Learners will acquire and demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills in the area of business and management, with specialized knowledge in HR.
  2. Learners will engage in at least one internship to demonstrate the application of theoretical knowledge and gain career related experiences.
  3. Learners will engage in various co-curricular activities to sharpen their manager skills, communication skills and leadership qualities.

Program Outcomes for Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

  1. This program could provide well trained professionals for the technology and allied industries to meet the well trained manpower requirements.
  2. The graduates will get hands on experience in various aspects of information technology viz. software updation, program developers, software testing, web designer, software analyst.
  3. The program will help the graduates to take up responsibilities in production, testing, designing and marketing in the information technologies and contribute for the growth of industry.

Program Specific Outcomes for Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

The ability to understand, analyze and develop software programs in the areas related to system software, multimedia, web design, application program, database, graphics and networking for efficient design of technology of varying complexity.