In Thane district 1st private secondary school was started at Chinchani in 1910.A.D. This school was named as Kanji Dharmsey High School. This is the mother institute of present Chinchani Tarapur Education Society which was established in the year 1953 registered under society and public Trust act. This institute gave impetus to hundreds of villagers around Chinchani Tarapur to complete their secondary education up to metric. From the initial stage the school was started with unbiased approach to community covering different strata of population in and around Chinchani Tarapur covering entire north Thane District. Prior to this school there was one secondary school established by govt. in Thane town it self.

This seedling has now grown up in to a banyan tree covering classes from K.G. to P.G. in Marathi and English medium that is from Balwadi to M.A. Marathi and from Kinder Garden to M. Com., B.M.S. & B.Sc.I.T. in the same campus. Started in1910 with less than 50 students now reaching almost 5500 students. There is another campus under Chinchani Tarapur Education Society developed around 25 years back at MIDC Tarapur, Boisar where the cosmopolitan students population having around 1500 students are studying in English medium school. Third campus is being developed at Tarapur village named as Chintamani Kala Bhavan where Tarapur institute of culture caters the need of the present school and college children for pursuing their talent in Art education.

At present Chinchani Tarapur Education Society caters the need of about 100 villages in and around Chinchani Tarapur area in Dahanu and Palghar Talukas in Thane District. With students population having almost 2/3 girls and also caste wise 2/3 backward and minority students including Adiwasi, Harijans, Muslims and other backward class students.