P. L .Shroff College has been established in June 1986. Arts Department is a major department of the college which was begins with college establishment i.e. June 1986.

Arts Department having Six subjects for Under Graduate level:

  1. Marathi
  2. Hindi
  3. Economics
  4. Commerce
  5. History
  6. Rural Development


  1. Developing the students’ language and communication skills through employing a theory- and- technology enhanced approach to teaching listening, speaking, reading, grammar and writing.
  2. Providing the students with comprehensive knowledge of the English language, Social Sciences and literature.
  3. Polishing students’ critical and creative thinking skills and fostering their research capabilities.
  4. Create an atmosphere of respect and responsibility that provides each student the opportunity to gain confidence through various social programmes.
  5. Encourage creative thinking and teamwork through various activities.
  6. Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate critical thinking, effective writing, and eloquent speaking through various competitions.