Bachelor of Science (BSc.) is a under graduation 3 years (Six Semester) degree course. The Department fulfill as its dream of inculcating group dynamics, human skills and employable skills in the students by conducting different events. It promotes research habits amongst undergraduate students.

It enhances the employability skill by conducting Add-on Courses and Bridge Courses to bridge the gap between the syllabus and the industry requirements. It encourages.

Admission to the course is offered on the basis of the University of Mumbai.


  • To give affordable education to our rural area students.

  • To provide adequate basic understanding about the field. Give an adequate exposure and to prepare student to exploit opportunities being newly created in the field.

  • To give additional avenue of self employment and also to benefit surrounding industries by providing them suitable trained person.

  • To initiate holistic development of student to meet and match the challenging takes ahead of them.

B.Sc. Notice

The year 2018 marked a new accomplishment for the department as the third batch of Third year BSc. graduated with 89% result
The first year students of BSc were welcomed on 16th July 2018 by the Co-ordinator of BSc faculty Prof. Ms. Niyati Patil and other eminent staff members of the department.
The department had arranged for an awareness program for “Global warming” on 23rd October 2018.
The year 2017 marked a new accomplishment for the department as the third batch of Third year BSc. graduated with 82% result
Farewell party called “Foot Prints” on 25th February, 2017.

B.Sc. Achievements

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B.Sc. Events

The Second year students had arranged a farewell party for the third year students and it was called “Foot Prints” on 17th March, 2018.
The department had arranged a Teacher’s day competition for T. Y.BSc students
A one day workshop on “Instrumentation” was arranged for the BSc. students with the help of Chaitan Chem test laboratories and training centre. The workshop was arranged on 27th September, 2018 and the guest speaker was Mrs. Shaifali Patil, the proprietor of the laboratory.
The first year students of B.Sc. were welcomed on 10th July 2017
Farewell party called “Foot Prints” on 25th February, 2017.
Teacher’s day competition for T.Y.B.Sc. “Science week”, “Quiz Competition” was arranged on 8th December 201 7
Seminar and Advertisement competition on 11th December 2017. The topics for the seminar competition were “Alien Invasion, Possibility of third world war and Pollution in your area.”
Debate competition on the topics “Reservation in jobs- justified? and Use of Mobile- good or bad?” was organized on 12th December, 2017.
Collage making competition was arranged on 13th December, 2017 and the students were asked to make collages on the topics like “Evolution of technology, Daily Dump and Child Labour.”
The Department’s annual event of Treasure Hunt were arranged on 14th December, 2017.
 Essay writing competition on the topics “Role of science in changing India, Virat Kohli- a role model, If I become a world leader and importance of reading.”

B.Sc. Teaching Faculties

Ms. Niyati Patil

M.Sc. (Bio-Technology)

Mrs. Santosh Chaturvedi

M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil

Mrs. Sheetal Amrutkar


Mr. Jaykant Thakur

M.Sc. B.Ed. (Chemistry)

Mrs. Hemangi Kadu

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Mrs. Shraddha Bhoir

M.Sc. B.Ed.

Mr. Tejas Patil

M.Sc. (Physics)

Mr. Krunal Koli

M.Sc. (Physics)

Ms. Sheetal Jaiswal

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Mrs. Shamala Kale


Ms. Manali Churi


Mrs. Taral Kadu

Lab Supervisor

Mrs. Kalyani Joshi