A successful career in Management with the economy growing at a healthy 9.2% p.a. there is a surge in job opportunities across key sectors & consequently, a growing demand for Managers, Administrators.
B.M.S. graduates have an edge & are sought after by industry owing to their practical & theoretical exposure in Management.

Bachelor of Management Studies is a 3-year undergraduate course, involving an advanced study of the management practices used in business/corporate firms, as also basic concepts in human resource education, such as employee retention, labor relations, and similar problem solving.


  • The program is spread over 6 semesters, lasting over 6 months each, and as for minimum eligibility, aspiring candidates need to attain the Higher Secondary (10+2) qualification with a minimum aggregate score of 45% & for Reserve Category minimum aggregate score is 40% in HSC exam for applying to the course.
  • Admission to the course is offered on the basis of the University of Mumbai.
  • Successful graduates of the course in the country can explore lucrative employment opportunities in leading public and private sector organizations as Bankers, Budget Planners, Quality Specialists, etc. with an initial monthly remuneration ranging between INR 15K and 50K, depending upon the scale of the organization and the candidate’s expertise.
  • The undergraduate course in Management Studies has been designed to offer to eligible students’ specialization in a wide range of managerial skills, and training in management efficiency and productivity-evaluation of employees, while at the same time building competence in a particular area of business management.
  • Successful graduates of the course interested in pursuing further studies in the discipline may go for any higher courses such as Master of Management Studies (M.M.S), Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), and further research in the subject.
  • The programs aims to educate enrolled students about the basic concepts of the academic discipline of Human Resource Management, such as employee retention, labor relations, etc. and the application of such knowledge in the field for improving management efficiency.
  • One of the principle objectives of the program is to expose students practically to the behavioral aspects of an organization and on the hierarchy-based interaction of the same. The course offers candidates the opportunity to acquire leadership qualities essential in managing and working in a team, and also to improve presentation and problem-solving skills that can help prepare students for prospective managerial roles. Such effective Management skills are essential to building and maintaining productive and innovative work and corporate environments.