Our Vision

The human mind is capable of setting barriers for itself and even more capable of breaking them ! Education, as a continuous process, strives to free the system of thought from the shackles of meritocracy and stagnancy. This very knowledge imparted to youth during their formative years is an assurance of the future, both bright and clear.
P.L. Shroff College of Arts & Commerce, Management Studies / Information Technology is one such dedicated entity working towards the creation of tomorrow that stands for progress, welfare & for socio-economically vibrant society.
Though located in a rural area, the college has proven its mettle; successfully providing education to students in and around this area for last 25 years it had circumcise its missions and goals which are equal for all. It has already got refutation of providing young talent, the knowledge, attitude & skills needed in the age of globalization. This has insured that the students are infused with managerial abilities & entrepreneurial vision necessary for tomorrow.

Our Mission

To impart Quality Education the students in and around Chinchani.
To bring about changes in the Social, Cultural and Economic life of people of this area.
To impart higher, Technical and Management education according to the changing expectations and requirement of this community.
To be an accredited, proactive center for excellence combining knowledge with innovation leading to an all-round development of students in their chosen area of specialization.