B.S.c. IT & B.M.S.

1) Training Methodology futuristic & relevant :

The changing face of the world requires a teaching methodology that not only strengthens the fundamentals of the subject but also makes fully competent to meet the changes. The college has best faculty that ensures a high quality of education. Students are also encouraged understand the world of business and industry through real time assignments & case studies in various subjects. The modern computer lab is in one of the best with wide array of data, word processing, hardware, software & networking solution. Free access to internet widens the scope and understanding of the students preparing them for the rapid changes that are taking place in the world.

2) The Infrastructure that adds value to education :

The institute & the student enjoy the advantage of a rich library as a valuable asset it, exposes the students to some of best national an international literature, the latest books, periodicals, textbooks, trade journals in the field of Management & Information Technology etc. This immense amount of knowledge bank raises the intellectual & knowledge base of the students.3) Oasis :

The college is blessed with a beautiful and charismatic natural environment, with the cool breeze the sea shore and air free of pollution, we can proudly say

4) Harnessing student Potential through extra curricular activities :

To become more complete individuals, the student of the college are actively involved in several extra curricular activities. Our college professors and students together organize various Career Festivals Workshops, Seminars, Quiz Competition and developmental programs. Knowledge and skill are enhanced through various inputs like participating in various debate competition, personality contests, dance competitions etc.

5) Strong support form industry : 

Supporting this, are guest lectures of some of the best known expertise in their respective fields. The students get an insight into the real world & exposure to various world class faculties.

Why to join B.M.S./B.Sc. (I.T.)

As a student of P. L. Shroff College, you will benefit from
Expert faculty who consult to business and have varied academic & corporate experience.
Well equipped computer Lab with LAN facility, Cable Net Internet Connection.
UPS facility so no power shutdown problems.
A practical curriculum that has an immediate impact on operational effectives.
Well equipped library facility with Computer & management Magazines for students to get acquainted with lates knowledge.
A dedicated management education facility with excellent learning resources & facilities.
Exposure to industrial environment through projects workshops etc.
Excellent visiting faculty from various industries.
Industrial Visits, Seminars.
Educational loan facility available & friendly environment.
Free internship facility