First Year

Semester I 
1) Professional Communication Skills
2) Applied Mathematics – I
3) Fundamentals of digital computing
4) Electronics and communication technology
5) Introduction to C++ programming

Semester II
1) Web Technologies
2) Applied Mathematics – II
3) Microprocessor and Microcontollers
5) Digital Computer Networks

Second Year

Semester III
P.1 Logic & Discrete Mathematics
P.2 Computer Graphics
P.3 Advanced SQL
P.4 Object Oriented Programming with C++
P.5 Modern Operating System

Semester IV
P.1 Software Engineeing
P.2. Multimedia
P.3. Java & Data Structures
P.4. Quantitative Techniques
P.5 Embedded Systems

Third Year

Semester V
1) Network security 2) ASP Net with C#
3) Software Testing 4) Advanced Java
5) LINUX Administration

Semeste VI
1) Internet Technology
2) Digital Systems & Signals
3) Data Warehousing
Elective III ( Select one of following)
1) Project Management 2) GIS
3) IPR & Cyber Laws